Keep the meat in your spaghetti western. I’ll have mine fast, furious, and Savage.


01/23 – Started using the calender feature. I’d like to try and start scheduling sessions ahead of time but at the very least, I’d like players to note days they can’t game so scheduling sessions will be easier.
01/25 – Reworking the New Edges and Hindrances page to make it more organized. Reworking the text on some of the converted edges to make them less clunky. Arcane Prodigy is getting overhauled a tad. Should be finished by tonight.
01/25-01/26 – Updated/edited A Cut Above, based on an article in the Deadlands Classic Epitaph (volume 4). Expect some of the Named Manitou to change in the unforeseeable future. Morning Star has already been totally reworked but it was bland before. Now it’s time for Faustian Fun!
02/04-02/05 – Updating the Adventure Log, trying to catch up to where we are currently.
02/??-02/07- Added a bunch of magic items awhile back. DarkLordOfJello showed me a picture last night that led to both of us creating a new, rather disgusting magic item, Lucky. If you’re stumbling upon this from somewhere else, here’s a link to his game, Cowboys From Hell.
02/07- After expressed interest by one of my player’s, I’ve begun work on converting Shootists/Hexslingers from DL:C. Should be interesting.
02/08- Have a working version of Shootist and Fiddler up. No one is playing one at the moment so I’ll have to make an NPC or two to test them out.
02/11- DarkLordofJello added a bunch of tentative achievements. I’ll eventually get around to finalizing them. Taking a small break from Obsidian this week. I expect I’ll get around to it sometime Wednesday or Thursday.
02/15 – Edited (Read “copy and pasted”) some of the achievements.

The Good, the Bad and the Savage

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