The Good, the Bad and the Savage

6.The Taste of LaCroix, Part II: And Hell's Coming With Me!

The Posse and The Last Stand Gang search for clues to kill LaCroix when bigger fish jump into the frying pan.

Romeo Jean Simon 3 XP
John St. Cloud 3 XP
Lilly LeFleur 3 XP
Rain Chosovi 3 XP
Liu Bei 3 XP
Victor Barrington 3XP

Mr. Ulysses Walker Danbrook
“Mad” Eli River
Michael J. “Irish” O’Malley
John Henry “Doc” Holliday
Wyatt Earp
Virgil Earp
Morgan Earp
“Curly Bill” Brocious
Johnny Ringo
Hutch Scanlon
Smokey Lee Adkins
Rex Wolfe
Laughing Snake
Carlos Espinoza
Buck Swathers

Special Guest Appearance-
Jasper Stone


Clorp Clorp

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