The Good, the Bad and the Savage

7. The Taste of LaCroix, Part III: The Big Not-So-Easy

It's Carnival Time as The Posse heads to New Orleans to bring the fight to LaCroix.

Romeo Jean Simon
John St. Cloud
Victor Barrington
Zachariah Pickett
Lilly LeFleur
Rain Chosovi

Mary Laveau
Damien Brionne
Rosaline Prideaux
Papa Natanga
Baron Simone LaCroix

In preparation for this session, I made a special playlist to try and capture the feel of New Orleans.
The first 30 tracks are some dixieland/ragtime jazz, opening with Louie Armstrong and the Dukes of Dixieland doing “New Orleans”.
The next 30 tracks are ALL by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. While he’s not a New Orleans native, his music has such a weird, dark feel to it that can only be described as “Voodoo Blues”. Given his macabre subject matter, it’s incredibly fitting.
The next 30 tracks are all by New Orleans natives Dr. John and Professor Longhair, or people covering their songs. There might also be some Buckwheat Zydeco in there.
The last few tracks are all going to be used for battles and so there are multiple copies of the same song a few times in a row.


Clorp Clorp

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