The Good, the Bad and the Savage

8. The Taste of LaCroix, Part IV: The Cross

The Posse seeks a powerful ally in hopes of discovering LaCroix's weakness and ending him once and for all.

The Big, Fat List Of Hurt

Just as a bit of Marshal Masturbation and to remind the party what they “lived” through, I’m adding this section as a trophy list to both myself and the players. The following is a list of injuries, maladies, hindrances, etc., sustained by the Posse in the session, sorted by Posse member.

Victor Barrington
3 Wound Levels
1 Fatigue Level
-1 Charisma, permanent
Ailin’ (Major), permanent
One Arm, temporary

Lilly LeFleur
3 Wound Levels
1 Fatigue Level, permanent
Ailin’ (Major), permanent
One Leg, temporary

2 Fatigue Levels
2 Wound Levels
Phobia (Major) of Dolls, permanent

Romeo Jean Simon
1 Fatigue Level.
2 Wound Levels.
3 Crisis of Faith in one combat

On The Whole
Spent about 30 chips in the entire session, if not more.


Da fuck I’m glad I missed


This was nothing compared with what’s yet to come.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange eons even Death may die.”


If you make me roll for insanity, I am going to stab Matt to get a bonus.


It’s Deadlands. That’s what Guts checks are for.




You’ll need AB:Super Powers with the mint and berry trappings for that sir.

Clorp Clorp

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