The Good, the Bad and the Savage

1. Youth and Young Maidenhead

The Posse rallies to save a young girl from a terrible fate.

John St. Cloud
Romeo Jean Simon
Lilly LeFleur
Timothy Johnson
Victor Barrington

The newly formed posse makes their way into town. John St. Cloud settles into the darkest corner of The Scratchin’ Post and sets about drinking. Miss Lefleur finds her way to The Golden Idol for a room and some gambling. Romeo sets up shop in The Appolonia, the local dancing hall. Timothy Johnson attempts to offer his services to the local Marshal but is snubbed by Marshal Samuel Talbot.

While settling in, the Posse is summoned by Victor Barrington on behalf of Marshal Talbot and questioned in relation to the disappearance of the Leviathan, which was scheduled to dock early that morning. After all of their stories check out, they are sent on their way and settle in for a night of rest.

The next morning, they are awoken abruptly by gunfire and manage to catch a glimpse of a gang of outlaws riding fast out of town. In the street, Bella Evans falls to her knees crying. When she spots St. Cloud, who she met the day before, she informs them that Hutch Scanlon has abducted her daughter and intends to have his way with her. Enraged by the brazen act and looking to settle an old score with his former compadre, St. Cloud and the rest of the rest of the Posse, Mr. Barrington included, ride out in pursuit of the young girl.

They track the outlaws several miles outside of town to an abandoned “sliver mine” and make quick work of most of Hutch’s lesser cohorts. After a bit of trouble with some tommyknockers, they make their way to the mine’s central chamber, where they spot Hutch talking to a well dressed business man. Fiona lies tied up on the wooden planks making up a platform over a deep chasm. The business man flees at the sight of them and Hutch pulls a tarp off of a gatling gun and begans to assault the party. Fiona is accidentally shot in the crossfire and left with no choice, St. Cloud and Romeo destroy the platform beneath Hutch Scanlon, sending him and his gatling gone plummeting into it’s depths. Romeo channels the rada loa, mending Fiona’s wounds, and the Posse heads back to New Canaan where they are treated to a hero’s welcome.


Clorp Clorp

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