Bella and Fiona Evans

Co-owners and operators of The Appollonia, the local dance hall. Mother and daughter.


It’s hard to deny the beauty of the Appollonia owners and operators Bella and Fiona Evans. A mother and daughter who arrived in New Canaan not long after it’s founding, Bella is among the most successful of its citizen. Always dressed in the latest fashion when seen around town, one would almost forget her profession by the way she carries herself. She is seldom without a smile, and while most of the women in town consider her a flirt, she has never been known to go further unless business was involved.

Fiona, her sixteen year old daughter, is almost her exact opposite. While she is perhaps as beautiful as her mother, she is much less of a socialite, preferring to be left alone to her studies or the books. She has shown no interest in the family trade thus far. She is usually found at the Appollonia unless it’s Sunday or Wednesday, where she can be found in church on the first pew next to Mr. Goosebury.

Both women are tall, fair skinned creatures with strikingly green eyes. If it weren’t for the age difference, one would assume they were twin sisters because Fiona bares no resemblance to anyone but here mother.

It’s a well known fact that Bella intends for her daughter to take up the trade and, indeed, she’s been kicking the idea around about selling Fiona’s virginity. The price, however, just seems to always be conveniently out of reach.

Bella and Fiona Evans

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