Hutch Scanlon

Wanted: Dead or Alive $3000.


Wanted For:
Horse Thieving
Cattle Rustling
Bank Robbery
Attempted Murder

Last spotted in the Oregon and Idaho Territories.


Hutch Scanlon never has had much luck operating on the right side of the law. It’s a good thing, too, because he’s never much bothered. A lifetime criminal, Hutch has made his way across most of the West, gathering a reputation (and a bounty) everywhere he goes. A cheat, a coward and a liar, Hutch has become famous for his “brutal efficiency”. If he goes to commit a crime, he commits it as big as possible, and more often than not, with as much “noise” as he can muster.

Last spotted a few hours outside of New Canaan. After pinning the posse inside a tunnel using a gatling gun, they managed to destroy the platform beneath his feet and sent him plummeting into the depths of the Sliver Mine. Presumed dead.

Hutch Scanlon

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