John St. Cloud

Harrowed Gunslinger fleeing from his past


Agility d12
Smarts d8
Spirit d8
Strength d6
Vigor d12

Shooting d12
Fighting d6
Gambling d4
Guts d8
Intimidation d8
Knowledge (occult) d6
Notice d8
Riding d4
Throwing d6

Grim Servant o’ Death (M)
Heroic (M)
Vengeful (m)
Poverty (m)

Cat Eyes, Improved
Hip Shooting
Level Headed
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Speed Load
True Grit
Veteran of the Weird West

Pace 6
Grit 5
Parry 5
Toughness 8
XP 61

Between a burial and a funeral
Get three coffins ready
Idn’t that a daisy?
You wanted the thunder…
I’ve got two guns, one for each of ya
I’m in my prime
Skin that smokewagon!
Goddamn this bird’s jumpin!
I’m yer Huckleberry.
When a man with a .45 meets a man with a rifle…

Coups Counted
Rache: Gain a +4 on tests of wills against someone who has wronged you in the past.

5- Quick Draw
10- Duelist
15- Nerves of Steel
S- Level Headed
25- Speed Load
30- Vigor Increase
35- Hip Shooting
V- Implacable
45- True Grit
50- Improved Cat Eyes
55- Supernatural Attribute: Vigor
H- Improved Hip Shooting


The man known as John St. Cloud (sometimes simply referred to as Saint) is a wandering gun for hire who has come out west for reasons known only to him. A soft spoken, fiercely private man, he lets very few people get close to him. What little is known of him could fill an ad in the Tombstone Epitaph: he fought for the Union and was discharged shortly after Gettysburg. He relocated to St. Cloud in Minnesota Territory for a time (where it is assumed he took his surname) and had a family.

After finding that farming and ranching weren’t as easy as shooting another man, he began selling his gun to the highest bidder during the Rail Wars. A few years and much weirdness later, some tragedy he refuses to talk about befell his family. After that, he began to wander the West, becoming less of a mercenary and helping those too poor or too downtrodden despite their ability to pay. While this means he does little better than a saddle tramp most days, he says it helps him to sleep better and there’s not enough money in the world to keep his night terrors at bay.

John takes a particularly unholy delight in foiling the plans of the rail barons, especially Wasatch Industries. This has certainly caused him no end of trouble, and after the latest run-in with some road agents that he’s swapped lead with multiple times over the years, he’s heading to New Canaan to see if their amnesty will apply to him as well.

All men are created equal
The son of Irish immigrants, John signed up with the Union army as part of the famed ‘Irish Brigade’ and saw heavy fighting in many of the early campaigns. He truly believed in the abolitionist cause and even though he has lost much of his younger idealism and replaced it with a world weary cynicism, he still finds himself compelled to join the fight against injustice when he comes across it.

Let me tell you of The One Fear
“The one fear I have is the fear of killing you.” Such are the last words many a gunslinger heard after crossing John. Perhaps as a product of his volatile temper or his own tragic past, John does not let a slight against him go unavenged. While he has cooled down some in recent years, he will happily draw down on anyone dumb enough to try and hurt those he has promised to protect.

A saint for the sinners
John first earned the nickname Saint while working with the rough and tumble rail workers during his time fighting in the Great Rail Wars, partly due to being called ‘the gun from St. Cloud’ and partly due to the rosary he always wears around his wrist. Despite falling away from his Catholic faith (often times speaking out angrily against religion) and his violent past, the name has managed to stick and oftentimes his reputation precedes him.

Theme Song: “The Noose” — A Perfect Circle

Character Matrix

Player Name: John St. Cloud

Character Name: Sam

Describe three things about your appearance.
I reckon most folks note that I’m tall and somewhat lanky. My eyes are also a peculiar pale shade of blue that come across as unsettling. And ever since I danced a jig at the end of a hemp necktie, my voice has never been quite the same.

Describe three things about your manner.
I’m mostly a quiet fellow who keeps to himself. I try my best to deflect attention from myself; never did like it much. I’m quick as a cat, and catch myself fiddling with spare bullets from my gunbelt and constantly checking the actions on my weapons from time to time as a bit of a nervous habit. I’m fairly ragged looking, since I rarely have the money to maintain my upkeep like some of those tinhorns and mail order cowboys. Guess you can take the man out of poverty but can’t take poverty out of the man.

What are your three most valuable possessions?
My guns, my wife’s rosary, and my freedom.

What is your role on the posse?
Resident gunfighter and (I hope) moral compass, even if it’s a bit skewed at times.

What is your relationship to the posse?
I’ve just met most of these folk, but in general they seem quite capable of handling trouble and weirdness (and some of them seem pretty good at doling it out, as well). Romeo’s patched me up more than I can thank him, and Vic might have a sharper set of peepers than me. Ain’t quite figured the womenfolk out yet, but Miss LaFleur’s definitely got a whole lot of past she ain’t letting onto yet. But it’s not like I can call her out on that a whole lot myself.

What kind of first impression do you make?
More often than I’d wish, that of a stone cold killer. That pale horse follows me everywhere I go.

How do others see you?
Once they get past their initial fears, they find I’m not some terrifying harbinger of death, so long as they keep their distance, anyway. Hell, seems most find me somewhat boring once they get past the shell.

How do you see yourself?
Weary, mostly, but determined to do as much good with whatever time I’ve got left. I think there’s still a touch of the romantic left in my soul, despite all the hell I’ve been through lately.

What animal or object best represents you?
Molly’s old rosary. Obscuridad de Santa Andres, she called it.

What would your trademark be?
Six shoots with an inch of grouping between em.

Growing up
What was growing up like?
I was a poor son of Irish immigrants living in the slums of New York. While I can’t say I had it worse than some, I sure was glad to get out of that Godforsaken city.

What important things did you learn from your family?
My da told me I should always stand up for what I believe. Guess I came into this world fighting against injustice. My poor Molly… well, I’ll keep that one to myself a bit longer, I think.

What or where is home?
Once, I thought it might have been in St. Cloud. Now? I’m hoping it can be New Canaan.

What was your previous vocation?
Never did much that didn’t involve a gun one way or another. Tried my hand at farming for a bit, but got a case of the black thumb and shooting a man paid more, anyhow.

When did you leave your home? Why?
Soon as the war started up and they asked for volunteers. Figured it was the best shot a Paddy like me would have of getting out of the slums of New York. Didn’t hurt that it was a cause I believed in.

What attribute is most important in a friend?
The ability to stand true in the face of overwhelming odds.

Who or what earns your loyalty?
Anyone who sticks with me after finding out who and what I am are keepers in my book.

Who is/was the most important person in your life?
My family. God rest em.

Who is/was a mentor and describe their relationship to you.
Would have to say old Smokey Lee. Man’s forgot more about shooting and leading men than I’ll probably ever know. I kind of look at him as an uncle. Just wish he’d open his eyes to what’s been going on with the gang and get out of that life.

Who is/was a nemesis’ and describe their relationship to you.
Damn Hutch Scanlon. Once I used to think like him, that money was all that mattered, but now I mostly pity the man. Course, would be a lot easier to pity him if he weren’t such a ruthless bastard. Guess that feud ain’t about to end til one of his put a bullet in the other’s skull.

What can you always be relied on to do?
Being the first to the fight. Not quitting til it’s over.

Where have you ‘got it where it counts’?
My gun hands, and my ability to think on my feet. Got a mighty sharp set of eyes, too.

What is as easy as ‘dusting crops’ for you?
Killing, sadly.

When or where do you feel most cocky?
At that moment right before I slap leather, before I lose myself in the haze of the battlefire.

Which body part do you rely on most?
I’d be plumb lost without my hands.

What won’t you do?
A lot. I’ve got plenty of atoning to do.

What puts you ill at ease?
Can’t say I feel right around churches and highly religious folk these days.

How do you cope with failure?
Usually by retreating into a bottle for a few days before coming out of it with vengeance on my mind.

What or where is your soft spot?
Kids usually get me pretty easy. So do little critters, especially dogs.

What presses your buttons?
Staunch Rebs piss me right off. So do people with more money than sense.

How do you resolve disputes?
If I can’t get the poor bastard to stand down by virtue of my superior skill, he’s going to end up six feet under before the day is through.

Describe how you fight.
With my six gun a-blazing. I try to focus on other gunfighters first, fanning my pistol to take out any of the rabble. I don’t try to overthink too much, but I won’t charge blind into a fight if I can’t help it.

What is your weapon of choice?
My Peacemaker.

How do you react when cornered?
By putting a hail of lead into whatever’s cornering me.

When do you retreat?

How do you behave under stress?
I drink too much. Seems like my nerves need a calming shot or three to cool down after a gunfight. Find myself pacing when I’m alone and can’t sleep, too.

How do cope with physical hardship?
Can’t say as that bothers me a whole lot these days.

How would you react to betrayal?
Give that poor soul a ticket off the continent, or I’m giving him a ticket to hell.

How do you deal with the unexpected?
I try to roll with it best I can.

How do you respond to change?
I like change. Keeps things interesting.

What was the highlight of your life thus far?
Winning a couple battles in the war was pretty memorable. So was having kids, but then everyone says that.

What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?
Giving up my morals for that root of all evil.

What was your greatest failure?
Letting my family die.

What is your biggest regret?
All that time I missed with them.

What one thing would you change about yourself?
Try to quit dwelling on the past and live for the moment.

The Future
What is most important to you?
Setting my past wrongs to right.

What is your greatest concern?
Seems a bit of hinky-ness keeps going on around New Canaan and thereabouts. Most of the folk there have been the goodly sort, so I only think it would be right of me to try and help them out of whatever bind the place seems to be in.

What is your dream?
Honestly? To find some way to settle back down again and maybe even find something akin to a family. In my deepest dreams I’ll admit to feeling a bit fatherly to little Fiona (and hell of a lot more than that to Bella), but I can’t see what two specimens of beauty like that would have for a broken down husk of a man like me.

What is your destiny?
To keep fighting til the day this old body of mine gives up.

How do you imagine you’ll meet your maker?
At the wrong end of a gun.

The Big Things
Give your opinion on the following:
Life & Death
Life is hard, but death ain’t much better. Still, the world’s always gonna keep turning.

Sometimes it has to be done. I try to think of it as a nasty chore so I don’t take too much delight in it.

Some feller from Germany a while back said ‘religion is the opium of the masses.’ Can’t argue much with that.

The War
Damn Rebs. Wish Grant would get his head outta his ass and finish this thing, but I guess that’s not about to happen nowadays.

Wealth, Glory or Honor?
Honor. At the end of the day, it’s all a man’s really got.

John St. Cloud

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