Rain Chosovi

A small women trying to make peace with the world.



Agility d6
Smarts d6
Strength d8
Spirit d8
Vigor d8


Fighting d8
Guts d8
Knowledge Occult d4
Notice d6
Shooting Bow d4
Survival d6
Tracking d6
Tribal Medicine d10


Old Ways Oath
Heavy Sleeper


Arcane Background (Shamanism)
Beast Master
Beast Bond
Born on Christmas

Powers (12 PP)

Shape Change
Beast Friend

30/40 XP
Pace: 6
Toughness: 6+1
Parry: 5
Money: $155

You Tell ‘Em I’m Coming


Tomahawk (STR+d6)
Bow (2d6) 60 Arrows
Winter Coat
Long Johns
3 Trail Rations
Bed Roll

5-Guts d8, Knowledge Occult d4
10-Vigor D8


My name is Rain Chosovi, I was born on December 25,1858. South Dakota is where i come from. I come from a town called Sioux Falls City. I’ve lived here my whole life till one day….Well lets finish the story first before i get to that. I was raised by my mother and Mimi. My father died when i was just born, a cowboy shot him to the head well that’s what my mother says. I was born with a gift. A gift from the spirits, i can talk to animals i can even turn into a sweet little bunny. When i turned 13 i had realized then i can do many things with my self i run faster see better and smells come to me like the wind. The first time shifting did not go so well i was scared and alone no one knew what to do i was the only one of my kind, it felt like my bones were breaking in half i was not myself and i wanted it to end right then and there. After a few times i got a hold of myself on doing it i can now do it when i feel like it and not worry about the moon no more. When i was 14 1/2 i met this boy his name was Cheveyo Chua i knew right then and there he was my love my soul my spirit. It was now 1874 and i was worried about my body something strange was happening to find out i was pregnant. March 15 when Chayton came into the world he was my life from now on.Now i had my kid i thought it would be nice to get married to the man that i truly loved we got married by the waters it was a warm day not to hot not to cold it was perfect. My mother and Mimi was there and some other people i knew in the town his family was there as well nice people they even taught me how to speak english the wedding was beautiful he was beautiful all the words i had said to him i meant every word," Your my sun my light my everything you wake me up you pick me up when i fall your my moon my one and only, nothing can ever come between us." When it came time to do the Blanket Ceremony we held hands as the wrapped us up in the two blue blankets and we was led to a sacred circle of fire, the spiritual leader blessed us as one. Then we shed the blue blankets and enveloped by relatives in a single white blanket which represents our new life. Under the white blanket, we kissed for a long time it was magical. We kept the white blanket in our new home over our bed. The honeymoon was something i never thought in a life time to have. We camped out were we got married. It was night fall and the sun was going down we counted the stars that night and we also made love..it was magical. Then i told him my big secret that i can change and talk to animals he was confused at first till i shifted into a bunny and he laughed so hard i shifted back and he kissed me. That night went well. The next day we went home to our son, we played for hours with him till he fell asleep. The next morning i went riding on my horse and i found this wolf her name was sora we talked for hours and then she claimed me as her owner it felt nice to have someone to talk to when your husband is gone all day.The days has passed and my love for him has grown stronger.It was 1876 and my Mimi died it was hard for me to let her go but it was her time to go home to the spirits of the god. A few months later my mother passed away of a illness. It just got worse and worse. It was now 1877 and my husband had went out to hunt, but he never came back. I went out to look for him i even shifted so i can run faster till i found him laying there on the cold ground with his cold hands over his heart i shifted back so i could help him his last words was,“Go far and never come back.” So i buried him the next day and packed that night. We left the next morning my son rode on sora’s back and me on whisper my horse. We traveled for days till we found a log cabin no one was in it. So we stayed there. A year passed and it was morning of July i went to go feed my son but he was gone. I looked every where to find out that he was missing and my life is now over. Sora and i looked for days and days he was no where to be found.

Player Name
Jami Reed
Character Name
Rain Chosovi

Describe three things about your appearance.
Dark skinned,Short,Long dark hair
Describe three things about your manner.
What are your three most valuable possessions?
My wolf and horse and my bow
What is your role on the posse?
Just a little women trying to find her son.
What is your relationship to the posse?
I don’t like cowboys because what they have done to my family, but i guess ill get to like these guys and girl one day. I just have to get to know them better.

What kind of first impression do you make?
“A bit prejudice”
How do others see you?
Upset worried scared lost..
How do you see yourself?
Depressed im lost with out him.
What animal or object best represents you?
A bunny
What would your trademark be?
A carved wolf in a dead mans forehead.
Growing up
What was growing up like?
Being alone when needed at the time of my shifting.
What important things did you learn from your family?
That the spirits will always be on my side.
What or where is home?
Sioux Falls City, South Dakota
What was your previous vocation?
A scavenger
Why did you leave your home? Why?
I left my home to keep me and my son safe, I left the cabin to find my son for he has been taken.
What attribute is most important in a friend?
Who or what earns your loyalty?
My wolf and horse
Who is/was the most important person in your life?
My son and husband
Who is/was a mentor and describe their relationship to you.
My mimi she taught me everything i need to know when it came down to my shifting.
Who is/was a nemesis’ and describe their relationship to you.
John Wayne was his name, i’ve heard many stories of how he didn’t like our kind. My mother said he was the one who killed my father and he told my mother that if your daughter has a son he would take him too.

What can you always be relied on to do?
To fight with my toma hawk
Where have you ‘got it where it counts’?
In my arms and legs
What is as easy as ‘dusting crops’ for you?
Killing a white man
When or where do you feel most cocky?
When someone looks at me funny or call me names.
Which body part do you rely on most?
My arms
What won’t you do?
Kill a child
What puts you ill at ease?
Women losing their husbands and children
How do you cope with failure?
Move on and never look back
What or where is your soft spot?
Talking about lost ones
What presses your buttons?
When a white man turns everything around.

How do you resolve disputes?
By cutting their heads off
Describe how you fight.
I like to spin attack with my toma hawk, and when im fighting with my bow i like to sneak up on the person.
What is your weapon of choice?
Toma Hawk and Bow
How do you react when cornered?
When do you retreat?
When i’m being out numbered.

How do you behave under stress?
Shift or hunt
How do cope with physical hardship?
I think of my husband and try to stay strong
How would you react to betrayal?
I get even.
How do you deal with the unexpected?
I don’t think i just do
How do you respond to change?
Not good, i like it my way.

What was the highlight of your life thus far?
My son
What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?
Shift on my period
What was your greatest failure?
Not being able to save my husband
What is your biggest regret?
I wish i was awake when they came for my son.
What one thing would you change about yourself?
Not hate everyone i come by.

The Future
What is most important to you?
Finding my son
What is your greatest concern?
The safety of my son or hoping he is still a live
What is your dream?
To find peace in this world
What is your destiny?
Well if i don’t find my son i hope grow strong and something else to cope with then the lost of my little boy.
How do you imagine you’ll meet your maker?
With my toma hawk in my hand

The Big Things
Give your opinion on the following:
Life & Death Life
Killing only when its convenient
Religion spiritual
The War Never liked it never will
Wealth, Glory or Honor? Honor

Rain Chosovi

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