Romeo Jean Simon

Voodoo, wonderful my magik.



Agility d8
Smarts d8
Spirit d12
Strength d4
Vigor d6


Faith d12 +2
Fighting d4
Gambling d4
Guts d12 +3
Healing d4
Knowledge: Occult d4
Notice d8
Shooting d8
Streetwise d6
Persuasion d8 +2

Derived Statistics

Pace 6
Parry 4
Toughness 5
Grit 2
Charisma 0
PPs 10
XP 40/45
Money $461.66

Edges & Hindrances

Wanted (Minor)
All Thumbs(Minor)
Vengeful (Major)

Arcane Background (Miracles)
Common Bond
Snake Oil Salesman
Never Back Down


Evan’s Old Model Sporter (.44) Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8, Rof 1, Shots 34, AP 2
.44 rounds x 100
Colt Dragoon (.44) Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1
Gun belt
Suit x2
Bottle of the… stuff
4 Cigars
Matches (box of 98 matches)
Gold Watch
Top End Carnival Costume


5- d12 Spirit
10- d12 Faith & d6 Persuasion
15- Common Bond
S- d8 Persuasion & d6 Notice
25- Snake Oil Salesman
30- d8 Smarts
35- Never Back Down
V- d12 Guts & d8 Notice


Must be a peach of a hand!
You’re a good woman. But then again you may be the anti-Christ.
Not before I make your head into a canoe.


Describe three things about your appearance.
Describe my appearance you ask? I would have to say I am around 6’3", and weight about 177 lbs.
I am the type of person to dress nicely, and be around nice things. I also happen to have one eye a light hazel color compared to the dark brown of my right eye.

Describe three things about your manner. I tend to have all sorts of manners, I do come off imposing at first and a little rough around the edges. I believe my moral compass may be a bit busted, but it tends to point Northish when it counts. I have a knack of carrying myself as one of those southern gentlemen, they tend not to like it when I do.

What are your three most valuable possessions? Hmm possessions. My medicine bag, which I tend to keep hidden around my neck. Man fears that it does not understand, and I aim to be one of the most misconstrued figures in these parts. Apart from my fancy necklace, I would have to say my hat. A hat can tell you a lot about a man.

What is your role on the posse? My role in this sociably awkward group? I guess you could call me the “Flare”. – lights a cigar by snapping his fingers – I guess I also good for making a misplaced bullet disappear.

What is your relationship to the posse? My posse? You must mean those ragamuffins over there, I met them on a boat… which sunk. Well I guess you could call them my gambling buddies, we do tend to gamble on the high stakes table from time to time.

What kind of first impression do you make? BOOO… haha. Awe, now come back here there is no need to run away.

How do others see you? You know you can stop being so fidgety around me, I was just messing with ya. As a handsomely dress man of African descent maybe, or as they guy everyone knows but refuses to acknowledge. I do come off as a bit unnerving I suppose.

How do you see yourself? In a mirror, no seriously. I see myself as an artist, and everything in this world is my medium. Haha medium! What, you don’t get it? Ye of little faith.

What animal or object best represents you? Hmm an animal that embodies me. I would have to say a scorpion. They are not strong creatures, what they lack in strength they make up for in their potent sting.

What would your trademark be? I will have to back to you on a trademark. I do not have one thing that yells “This is Romeo’s”.

Growing up
What was growing up like? Now this would be a harsh subject for me, if it were not for other events in my life. When growing up, I was poor and impoverished, yes it is hard to look at me and tell I was as poor as a street urchin. I found food when I could, slept out in the rain, was a meal to ants. I survived through some of the worst possible conditions you could think off.

What important things did you learn from your family? Family is everything, this I have learned. My father showed me how to throw a punch and my mother showed me how to mend a wound

What or where is home? I am from an Island in the Caribbean, yes Caribbean… spell it for you? C A R I… you know what, I am from an island near Cuba. Never mind, I am from the islands . The town I am from is Port Au Prince.

What was your previous vocation? Well you could say I was a priest of sorts.

Why did you leave your home? Why? I left after some gentlemen disagreed with what I was dappling into. They burned my home and most of my belongings… So I burned their fields, their homes, their barns, their graineries, anything that was theirs was burned. So instead of waiting around to have a new necktie, I jumped on the first ship to New Orleans. Then I heard about this place. So Used the last of my money for a ticket on that damned boat and made it most of the way here.

What attribute is most important in a friend? There are many different attributes to look for in friends. I would have to say it depends on their personality what their most important attribute is.

Who or what earns your loyalty? My loyalty is gained through actions. A man can be bought off, but someone who has felt the burn of a bullet for will most likely not turn you in for a mere sum of money.

Who is/was the most important person in your life? Right now? As of now I am the most important person in my life. The most important person would be more of a most influential, would be Rosaline.

Who is/was a mentor and describe their relationship to you. As I said Rosaline was one of the most influential people, she showed me many paths that were diverged from my path of self destruction. I chose my path and have yet to look back.

Who is/was a nemesis’ and describe their relationship to you. I don’t think I have any enemies left. As far as I know they didn’t get out.

What can you always be relied on to do? Finding the bar maybe? Hell I don’t know.

Where have you ‘got it where it counts’? Haha, you want to see? – Reaches for his belt, and grabs his pistol – What you thought I was going to drop my pants? What do you take me for? No, I am actually a pretty decent shot.

What is as easy as ‘dusting crops’ for you? I am not quite sure.

When or where do you feel most cocky? When I know I have the advantage.

Which body part do you rely on most? My hands, these hands of mine have given life and taken it away. They have made tools and wielded tools. Without my hands, well I don’t know what I would do.

What won’t you do? So many questions, don’t you have someone else to pester? Actually I’m willing to do damn near anything to accomplish a goal.

What puts your ill at ease? A good bottle of rum.

How do you cope with failure? Failure? I don’t have failures, I have stepping stones to create better outcomes.

What or where is your soft spot? Between my ribs? Actually, I would have to say the future; I have a soft spot for the future.

What presses your buttons? I am a pretty easy going man, but i would have to say it would be asking me the same question over and over. I cannot stand an idiot.

How do you resolve disputes? Depends on what is being disputed. If it is some little squabble let them punch it out, what is a good fight among friends.

Describe how you fight. First one with a hole in his head loses… and usually don’t come back.

What is your weapon of choice? I prefer my old model sporter, but i have to order those rounds which can get pretty hefty. If I am in a tight squeeze I have a colt dragoon to watch my ass.

How do you react when cornered? Cornered? Everyone usually runs away before I get cornered.
When do you retreat? Over my enemies dead corpses.

How do you behave under stress? Nerves of steel right here.

How do cope with physical hardship? Are you implying that I have some sort of handicap?

How would you react to betrayal? With prejudiced, with an exuberant amount of unmitigated prejudice.

How do you deal with the unexpected? Shoot it? If they were friendlies I can always remove a bullet.

How do you respond to change? Change is inevitable, everything will change at some point or another.

What was the highlight of your life thus far? Coming back from the land of the Dead.

What is the worst thing you’ve ever done? Attempted to kill myself.

What was your greatest failure? Attempting to kill myself.

What is your biggest regret? Seriously, I need to repeat myself?

What one thing would you change about yourself? I have been changed… for the better.

The Future
What is most important to you? Family, Friends, and the Spirits. OH, yes spirits, you know whiskey. mwahahaha

What is your greatest concern? Dying before my journey is completed.

What is your dream? Dreams, I miss those. I have not had a dream in seven years.

What is your destiny? I am not sure yet, she never explained why I came back. But, there is some bad juju out there and I aim to harness and cleanse it.

How do you imagine you’ll meet your maker? I think I have met him before, but I imagine I will have a few choice words for her.

The Big Things
Give your opinion on the following:

Life & Death Haha, now this is fun. You cannot have one with out the other. In life there is death. It is part of the system that controls everything.

Killing Sometimes it needs to be done.

Religion This is not a conversation you wish to hold with me boy. There are things that go bump in the night and I proxy for the ones who wish to bump back.

The War What are you people even in a war over? Do you know yourselves?
Wealth, Glory or Honor? Glory

Romeo Jean Simon

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