Zachariah Pickett



Agility d10
Smarts d12
Spirit d8
Strength d4
Vigor d8

Driving d8
Guts d6
Knowledge (occult) d6
Piloting d8
Repair d8
Riding d6
Shooting d8
Weird Science d8

Derived Stats
Charisma -4
Grit 2
Pace 6
Parry 2
Power Points 20
Toughness 6
XP 27

Edges and Hindrances

Arcane Background (Mad Science)
Veteran O’ the Weird West
New Power (Armor)

Doubting Thomas
Quirk (Obsessed with his mad science belt)


gun belt
quick draw holster
rifle sling
shotgun thong
gold watch
long johns
work shirt
dress shirt
suit trousers
winter coat
wood x4?
trail rations
50 acid rounds
50 AP +1 rounds
40 glow dust rounds

Powers and Accompanying Dementia

(Depression) – Veteran Dementia
Armor (Absent Minded)
Analyze Foe (Major Phobia: Snakes)
Telekinesis (Paranoia)


5- Gadgeterring
10- Luck
15- New Power (Armor)
S- New Power (Analyze Foe)
25- New Power (Telekinesis)


(First off sorry luca)

He is the GREAT GREAT grandson of a famous mad scientist.The belt he wears isn’t originally his he stole it from his teacher the Great John Franklin the grandson of Ben Franklin. On the run he ran in with the Appachi Indian’s he tried to hide there but got on the bad side of Sitting with the wart hog’s the chief of that particular tribe he had to run away before getting killed now going throughout the wild west someone who looks like him is making his name and face go through the mud


Describe three things about your appearance.
Blue eyes , always jittery, A weird looking belt
Describe three things about your manner.
Always tinkering with the belt,Talks to himself sometime and thinks outloud.
What are your three most valuable possessions?
The belt,my nameless horse and my guitar .
What is your role on the posse?
I’m the mix of the group I can do almost anything.
What is your relationship to the posse?
To be announced.


What kind of first impression do you make?
People think I’m crazy so I must look crazy.
How do others see you?
Look at above answer.
How do you see yourself?
A suffering genus.
What animal or object best represents you?
Dolphin. What? There smart and misunderstood
What would your trademark be?
My multipurpose belt

Growing up

What was growing up like?
I know I have some large shoes to fill so I was from an early age being taught the craziness of learning science powers.
What important things did you learn from your family?
How to fuse god and science into one freak of nature strength
What or where is home?
My dad is from Germany my mother is from New York but I’m from new Orleans lets just say I haven’t fit in any where.
What was your previous vocation?
I was a helper of John’s lab I kinda stole something form him.
Why did you leave your home?
I got tired of being called a Yanky germ freak.


What attribute is most important in a friend?
I dont know.
Who or what earns your loyalty?
I’ve never thought about it
Who is/was the most important person in your life?
My mother when people made fun of me she protected and sheltered me as well as when my father went crazy from tinkering in his lab.
Who is/was a mentor and describe their relationship to you.
My father he thought me about the weird science he was harsh but fair he was the one who tole me to go out .
Who is/was a nemesis’ and describe their relationship to you.
John Franklin we were suppose to be business partner’s he decided he wanted all the money so I stole half the money and the belt…I know he will be here after it I’m ready for him.

What can you always be relied on to do?
Make interesting things to bad others cant understand it
Where have you ‘got it where it counts’?
Physically? Weird…. Oh mentally simple my intelligent mind? You do know a mind is a horrible thing to waist right?
What is as easy as ‘dusting crops’ for you?
In a lab.
When or where do you feel most cocky?
Behind a bunch of other people
Which body part do you rely on most?


What won’t you do?
Put my own life on the line for someone I don’t like
What puts you ill at ease?
New people.
How do you cope with failure?
I shut myself inside of my lab. There I am safe
What or where is your soft spot?
…children crying women begging for help…I dont like seeing it.
What presses your buttons?
The cocky asshole who thinks he can use people for his own selfish use!


How do you resolve disputes?
there are people who can shoot and talk better then me I’ll help out were I can in other words Im the side kick
Describe how you fight.
Armor teleport and shoot.
What is your weapon of choice?
Belt and guns.
How do you react when cornered?
I’ll teleport behind them and shoot wildly and hope they all hit.
When do you retreat?
When there is no possible way I can win.


How do you behave under stress?
How do cope with physical hardship?
Well I’m not the strongest person I’ll let someone else deal with that.
How would you react to betrayal?
How do you deal with the unexpected?
With some choise words like "OH DEAR FUCKING bitch mother’s fucker.:
How do you respond to change?
To exist things must change


What was the highlight of your life thus far?
Hearing my father say “good job I’m proud son”
What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?
Stole the belt
What was your greatest failure?
Blowing up an innocent man when trying to show how the belt worked
What is your biggest regret?
Blowing up dances with birds
What one thing would you change about yourself?
My not trusting people and allowing myself to get close to people

The Future

What is most important to you?
My sanity which feels like it’s slowly slipping away
What is your greatest concern?
Going insane like my father was
What is your dream?
To become a world known Weird scientist
What is your destiny?
Hell if I know
How do you imagine you’ll meet your maker?
Lets not think about death till it comes

The Big Things

Give your opinion on the following:
Life & Death
Dose that count harrowed?
All in the name of science!
The bible is absolutely true.
The War
War breeds advancement in technology
Wealth, Glory or Honor?
None the above

Zachariah Pickett

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