Ghost Guns

weapon (ranged)

No one knows just where these guns came from or who made them. Some say they were sent here by the Reckoners themselves. Others think that some black-hearted hexslinger loosed them on the world. But whoever—or whatever— made those evil irons didn’t exactly do the world a favor.

The ghost guns are Colt Army revolvers made out of an eerie, grayish metal. When one looks closely at them, their fancy engraving, which depicts sinners in torment in Hell, seems to move slowly, as if the guns were forged of the souls of the damned. When a gunfight is brewing, the guns almost seem to leap into their owner’s hands and begin blazing away. At such
times, they emit a terrible wailing that somehow can be heard above the sound of the gunshots. Those who have survived an attack from the ghost guns claim that the wailing was worse than the wounds they took.

Power: The ghost guns never run out of ammunition and never need to be reloaded. They do +4 damage, grant the wielder the Quick Draw Edge, and +2 to Intimidation rolls made by the owner. In the latter case, the bonus only applies when the guns are drawn.
Taint: The guns make the owner Bloodthirsty, Mean, and Vengeful (Major). Some claim that anyone who uses them is fated to die a violent death and spend an eternity in the depths of Hell.


Ghost Guns

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