Hellstromme's Blueprints

Self Explanatory.


Professor Darius Hellstromme always looks to the future. His past designs are usually discarded and later burned to hide his often sinister experiments. A few, however, have been salvaged from the incinerators and sold on the black market of the City of Gloom.

Power: Any mad scientist who constructs a gizmo using one of Hellstromme’s blueprints may add +2 to his Weird Science rolls to use that gizmo. All gizmo’s built using these blueprints deal half damage when they explode due to their reliable construction.
Taint: There is no actual taint to Hellstromme’s blueprints, but the ruthless Dr. Hellstromme cares little for social mores when devising his gizmos. The components are often illegal if not downright disgusting. People parts figure into several of his devices, as well as human blood, a person’s willpower, live jackalopes, and the like. He’s also been known to kill those who wind up with his plans.


Hellstromme's Blueprints

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