Hoyle's Markers

Old, Weathered Poker Chips


These glossy black poker chips are said to have once belonged to Edmond Hoyle himself, although this is highly doubtful, since poker chips did not exist during Hoyle’s time. What’s known for certain is that any huckster holding one can call in a debt from the manitous once. After it is used, the marker disappears-only to appear later elsewhere in the world.

Power: After successfully casting a hex while dealing with the devil, the huckster can cash in the marker. The huckster’s hand for the hex just cast is automatically promoted to a minimum of Two Pairs. If the hand drawn is Two Pairs or better, the hand is promoted one step, so a Straight becomes a Flush, a Full House becomes Four of a Kind, etc.
Taint: As long as the huckster possesses the Marker, he draws an extra card whenever he casts a hex. This card is only used for determining if backlash occurs. Additionally, all Jokers cause backlash, whether they are used in the huckster’s final hand or not.


Hoyle's Markers

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