A powerful handgun. Highly sought after by gunfighters and hexslingers alike.

weapon (ranged)

No one is quite sure how or when this famous (or infamous) Peacemaker turned up. What is known is that Lucky, as it’s been dubbed, has been making its way around the West in the hands of one gunslinger or another since ’63. Go figure.

Lucky has a number of powers.

Firstly, on all six chambers of the cylinder is one of the four card suits in bright gold. Anytime a shot is fired from Lucky, the suit changes and a number appears inside of it. While this is not readily visible to anyone looking at the gun due to the design of the revolver, it is part of Lucky’s magic. When a shot is fired from Lucky, the wielder draws a card, which determines Lucky’s damage for the round. While the gun always deals 2 dice of damage, the die type is always random, as listed on the table below.
2-3 = d4
4-9 = d6
10-Queen = d8
King-Ace = d10
Joker = d12
If the card is red, Lucky has AP 1. If black, it has AP 2.
Hitting with a raise works as normal. This power works in the hands of anyone.

In the hands of a huckster or hexslinger, Lucky also helps to stave off backlash. If the spellslinger decides to cast a hex with Lucky in hand and backlashes, the dice near the hammer roll. This ability functions exactly like Lucky Dice (both the power and the taint).

Lucky, or rather people who carry her, have a tendency to wind up dead. Most people, especially gunfighters, gamblers, or hucksters, tend to covet the beautiful gun and the sap dumb enough to carry her for any length of time often finds him or herself in gunfights or on the wrong end of a cheater accusation.

More inconvenience than taint, Lucky must be reloaded like any other Peacemaker.



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