Character Creation

Classic Character Generation

A while back, someone made a Deadlands Classic method of character generation for Savage Worlds. For those of us too lazy to get it from the Pinnacle site (for free) or dig it out of a pdf somewhere, here you go.

1. Draw 7 cards. Keep 6. Just like the days of yore, keep deuces and jokers. And try and do this in front of me.

2. Now that you have 6 cards in front of you, assign one card to each trait and one card to represent your skill points. Cards are as follows:

Card Attribute Skill Points
Joker d12 20
King-Ace d10 18
Ten-Queen d8 16
Four-Nine d6 15
Deuce-Three d4 13

3. Once you’ve got your cards assigned, make your character as you would normally. Remember that you’re human (even if you’re Harrowed) so you get a free Edge.

4. If you drew a joker, get ready to have me draw and have fun with you for the rest of forever. Or until Stone shows up.

Feel free to use the by the book character generation. God only knows why you would want to but if you’re feeling rather Mattish, er, I mean unlucky, you’re more than welcome to it. Don’t cry to me when you’re behind the curb though.

The Character Matrix

In order to get a firmer grasp on who your character is, fill out the Character Matrix. Completion of this will earn a character an additional 5 XP.

Thanks to DamienMaster for letting me borrow and edit this, and for keeping WEG Star Wars alive. Check out his game, Star Wars:Rogue Traders, and his original Character Matrix.

Character Creation

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