In the Weird West, many people shoot guns. It’s not exactly hard to pick up a smoke wagon, point it, and pull the trigger. Hell, a few folks even get good at it. Fewer still get good enough to make shooting guns a living.

Then there’s the shootist. Somewhere between a huckster and an enlightened, the shootist has learned the magic of “the way of the gun”. Like a huckster, the shootist has learned to battle manitou in order to achieve their goals. Unlike a huckster, and similar to the enlightened, the shootist envisions their test of wills as a gun duel. The long, cold stare, the focus, the draw, and the instant bang.

To become a shootist, one simply needs to take the Arcane Background (Shootist) edge. This works similar to Arcane Background (Magic). The shootist gets 10 powers points and knowledge of 3 powers. The similarities end their however. Unlike hucksters and other arcane backgrounds, shootists do not recover power points over time. Instead, a shootist recovers 1 power point any time they shake or wound anyone while using a gun.

Dealing with the devil also works slightly different for a shootist. Similar to the gambling rules, the shootist and Marshal are dealt two hole cards, with the shootist receiving an extra hole card per point of Grit. Both the shootist and Marshal make arcane skill rolls (the Marshal’s skill is always one die type better than the shootists but the manitou is always an extra) and receive one extra card per success and raise. Finish the gambling rules as normal. The shootist receives one power point per hand above the Marshal’s if he wins. If he looses, he looses one power point per hand he looses by. This can send him into “debt”, but he only needs to shoot a few more people to get out of it.

Backlash works the same for a shootist as it would for a huckster, and the shootist always suffers backlash if a joker appears in the community cards.

In case you were wondering, the shootist can take all of the huckster edges he wants. They work the same.

New Shootist Edges

The Stare
Requirements: Arcane Background (Shootist), Seasoned, High Roller
Effects: The shootist may gain the benefit of High Roller when drawing hole cards in a duel. If he has Improved High Roller, he gains the benefit of that as well.


Aim, Analyze Foe, Armor, Blind, Boost/Lower Trait (Boost only, self only), Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana (Conceal only, self only), Farsight, Gambler, Hunch, Light, Quickness, Smite, Speed, Trinkets, Warrior’s Gift, Wilderness Walk

Design Notes

While the old school shootist was basically a huckster with guns, I’m trying to keep them separate. Despite their similarities, they are two different arcane backgrounds. Hucksters have many more offensive abilities and utility powers in their list while shootist powers are meant to augment their gunslinging. Unlike, DL:C, shootists and hucksters may NOT take powers that appear on the others’ list. As always, DL:R characters cannot have more than one Arcane Background.


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