Nicholas Goosebury

Wealthy founder and de facto leader of New Canaan.


The affluent and reclusive leader of the boomtown of New Canaan.

Very little is known about Nicholas Goosebury outside of his hometown and what little more is known of him within his own walls is usually nothing more than rumor or conjecture. If the stories are to be believed, he is an ex-Anglican preacher of an “unmixed English gentry” (his quote, not mine). Not suited for the life of a preacher, Goosebury hanged up his robes and made his way to America to strike it rich in the wake of Ghost Rock rush. Despite his arrival late in the game, Nicholas managed to find a massive ghost rock deposit in the hills and mountains around Hells Canyon. On February 3rd, 1877, Goosebury laid his stakes and founded the town of New Canaan in hopes to draw miners and investors to his little piece of Heaven. Nearly two years later, New Canaan is a thriving boomtown in the foothils of the Seven Devils Mountains and Goosebury is wealthier than ever.

Although rarely seen outside of his ranch, Nicholas appears as a well-spoken English gentleman. A tall, handsome, blonde, at first glance he appears poorly suited to life in the American West but by all accounts, he has taken to it well.

Nicholas Goosebury

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